Whitewater Kayak

November - March


Are you a confident paddler, that has experience traveling in foreign countries kayaking? 
We have an awesome selection for whitewater kayaks and the gear to go with it.



Whitewater Kayaks Inventory

River / Creek Boats

  • Dagger Mamba 8.1

  • Dagger Mamba 7.6

  • Dagger Nomad 8.5

  • Dagger Nomad Medium

  • Dagger Nomad Small

  • Jackson Hero

  • Jackson Karma Small

  • Jackson Karma Medium

  • Jackson Karma Large

  • Jackson Villain Small

  • Jackson Kayak Zen 75

  • Jackson Zen Large

  • Jackson Zen Medium

  • Jackson Zen Small

  • Jackson Antix Medium

  • Jackson Nirvana Medium

  • Waka Tuna 2.0

  • Various Zett Kayaks

  • Pyranha Burn Medium


Play Boats

  • Liquid Lodgic Biscuit 65

  • WaveSport ZG 54

  • Jackson Allstar

  • Classic Jackson Allstar


Equipment $5-$10/day.

Werner paddles

Composite Helmets

Safety PFD’s

Dry tops




Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy your own space in a tranquil location. A humming bird paradise. Fresh homemade breakfast made from local ingredients and  prepared with love. Waterfalls a short hike away and the sounds of the river are hypnotizing.


Bed & Breakfast
Features: Bright, clean and hot water. Healthy breakfast included.

From $25.00 / Per person

All Inclusive 9 Days
Features: Bright, clean and hot water. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Guiding, Kayak and river shuttles.

FROM $1899/ Per Person


What to expect.

All Inclusive 9 Day Paddling Package
7 days of paddling class III to IV+ in the cloud and rain forest rivers the Quiios and Napo Valley, two different drainages with many different styles of whitewater.  Whether you enjoy steep boulder gardens or miles of wave trains you will have the time of your paddling life as you meander through lush jungles literally screaming with wild life.  Experience the wonderful culture of Ecuador and it’s friendly people.  At Endless Adventure International we are intent on providing a memorable experience both on and off water.  The two different areas explored offer two entirely different climates as well.  The Napo Valley promises tropical weather and warm rivers while the Quijos Valley hosts temperate days and cooler nights with glacier fed rivers.


What you will need

  • Your passport info

  • Credit card

  • USD Cash


There is a $200 non refundable deposit.